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Great BACtrack Coverage at CES 2015

BACtrack continues to get great coverage at CES 2015, starting with an article in the Herald Sun featuring the BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer.

"This party-friendly gadget, about the size of a TicTac box, can analyse a user’s breath for alcohol using the same technology as law enforcement," they say. "The blue and white device connects to an Apple or Google-based smartphone using Bluetooth and uses an app to compare what you think your blood alcohol content might be to what it actually is. Spokesman Shawn Casey said developers added a guessing feature to “teach” users to more accurately assess their alcohol use."


ABC affilliate, KVUE just posted the above video, which recaps a series of the best technology on display, including BACtrack Mobile

"If it's been dreamt up, it's at CES this year. From top of the line self-driving cars, to a high-tech breathalyzer called BACtrack that links to your smartphone. If your over the limit simply tap a button to call an Uber." 

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