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Social Responsibility at BACtrack

Accuracy and affordability aren't just buzzwords. They're our way to help keep people safe.

Knowledge Is Safety

Research suggests that education about blood alcohol content contributes to fewer incidences of impaired driving. BACtrack technologies have helped people avoid fatal accidents, and this continues to motivate us to product improvements and excellent customer service. In creating this company, in making people aware of their ability to test themselves and others, in singing the safety benefits of breathalyzers, we’re creating awareness. More than that, we’re providing a safety solution.

Numbers Aren't Opinions

Testing loved ones becomes more transparent and brings stark accountability with BACtrack. Whether helping people make smarter choices, empowering customers in zero-tolerance instances like underage drinking, or simplifying the monitoring of those with alcohol dependencies, BACtrack’s tools remove opinion and perception so discussions can be about real, reliable facts.

Data Is Power

We believe in a simple philosophy: radical individual and social responsibility. You can monitor yourself and choose how to behave while drinking, and you can also share safety with others by carrying and using a breathalyzer.

Safety Motivates Us

We want to make people safer. And we realize that many communities and organizations that would like to monitor the health of their members do not have access to the resources they should. We don’t want a lack of funding to prevent groups from being able to ensure the health of their members.

How To Apply

If you are an underfunded organization that needs breathalyzers to do your work, and if you’d like to apply for complimentary or discounted breathalyzers, please click on the link below and fill out the form. We will get back to you in roughly 5 business days.
Apply for breathalyzer aid

How Organizations Use BACtrack

Case Study #1

Habilitat, Place of Change

Habilitat is a drug and alcohol recovery home located at the base of the Ko`olau Mountains, on the island of O`ahu. Habilitat’s approach to addiction is unique. Instead of subscribing to the notion that addiction is a disease, they teach people that addiction and alcoholism is a choice. By teaching their clients marketable skills and management strategies, they achieve terrific success rates.

When Habilitat needed replacement breathalyzers for their in-house staff, they turned to BACtrack, specifically to our S80 and Trace units. Staff use BACtracks to ensure their clients are sober during regularly scheduled tests, as well as for spontaneous tests when suspicions arise.

“On behalf of the entire Habilitat organization, I would like to extend our gratitude to BACtrack for your generous contribution of breathalyzers and mouthpieces. It is through your support that we are able to better the lives of those who have become involved in substance abuse. We appreciate your generosity and belief in our program.”

Learn more about Habilitat

Case Study #2

Arizona Rangers

The Arizona Rangers are a statewide law enforcement auxiliary that reports to the Governor of Arizona.

Originally founded to clean up the Arizona Territory in preparation for statehood, they are comprised mainly of former police and military personnel, and have active relationships with various police departments throughout the state.

Recognized under Arizona Revised Statute 41-4201, the Rangers are subject to call out by the Governor, county sheriffs, police chiefs and federal law enforcement officials in the event of emergencies or public safety details.

The Arizona Rangers routinely attend public gatherings and large scale evens to provide an extra set of eyes and to assist law enforcement and public safety staff. As many of these large scale events involve alcohol, the Rangers have started a DUI education program called “Choose Your Ride." In need of reliable, consistent, and accurate devices in this line of work, they contacted BACtrack. We were only too happy to provide for them BACtrack S80s.

The photos above are from the Fiesta Bowl, where they raised awareness of responsible consumption and preventing impaired driving by testing fans and members of the public. We are proud to be sponsoring this honorable public service institution.

Learn more about the Arizona Rangers

Case Study #3

Law Enforcement

A Sheriff’s Deputy recently approached us, saying he wanted his own breathalyzer for work, and that he’d selected the S80 Pro after considerable research. After he reached out to us to explain that the county couldn’t afford breathalyzers for all the sheriff’s deputies, we supported his team.

He said, “I have used the larger 'commercial' units that are used by many law enforcement agencies and I can honestly say that the BACtrack S80 is a much easier unit to operate. The results are quicker, the S80 is much more user friendly, easy to read, and provides very accurate results. With the performance being what it is, I would have expected the S80 to be much more expensive, but found it to cost almost half what the commercial units go for. The BACtrack S80 is a fantastic unit and a super value; I highly recommend it for use in law enforcement.”

Case Study #4

Sober-Home Management

Steve F., a recovery house administrator in Littleton, Colorado, recent told us he needed a way to ensure the people living in his home were keeping dry. (In order to protect the identities of his clients, he asked we protect his and his house's anonymity.)

Most of the individuals living there had experienced problems with alcohol dependence in the past, and had been required to live there either because of court mandates or the behest of their families and friends.

Unfortunately, the institution Steve was working for was severely underfunded, and couldn't afford the cost of breathalyzers. He reached out to BACtrack for aid.

BACtrack assessed his need, and after a few conversations, saw the good that his sober living home was doing in the surrounding community. We authorized a loan of several of our top end products.

"Alcoholics do have relapses and in sober living homes, sometimes they hide it very well," Steve said recently. "Before using a breathalyzer, we couldn't tell who was drinking, and who wasn't. Now, with daily breath alcohol tests and random spot checks using a BACtrack S80 Pro, we know immediately if someone has been drinking. I've been surprised a few times. With the S80's accuracy, I know just how much they have consumed, as well."