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Wirelessly Transform Your Smartphone into a Breathalyzer

The free BACtrack App, paired with power of your smartphone, unlocks a variety of additional BACtrack features that raise your drinking IQ.

Smartphone Breathalyzers

Available For Download in the App Store and Google Play

How It Works

✓ Guess Your BAC

Before each test, you are given the opportunity to guess your BAC level. Compare your perception to actual numbers, and see whether your guesses get better over time.

✓ Track Your Drinking

Save your previous tests, attach notes or photos to your results. Track your drinking habits over time and learn how alcohol affects your body under different circumstances.

✓ Rideshare Integration

Remember, the only safe time to drive is when your BACtrack shows 0.00%. Anything above that? You can call an Uber directly from the App.

ZeroLine® Technology

Based on your last reading, BACtrack's patented ZeroLine technology estimates the time until your BAC returns to 0.000%, empowering you to make smarter decisions while drinking.

Apple HealthKit

Integrates seamlessly with Apple Health so you can see your total health picture and assess how alcohol may influence factors such as sleep and activity level.

Proprietary Sensors

Provides the most accurate results because of our sensors: professional-grade Xtend® and BluFire® fuel-cell sensor technology.


Includes washable, disposable mouthpieces to improve accuracy by collecting the highest quality sample, and to allow you to test others safely.

Privacy & Sharing

Choose what happens to your results. Delete? Track privately? Send as anonymous, randomized data? Share only with a loved one? Post to social media? You choose.

BACtrack View iPhone appBACtrack View iPhone app

BACtrack View Remote Alcohol Monitoring

Share a video-verified record of your sobriety directly from your smartphone

✓ Court Approved Nationwide
✓ No Activation Fees or Long-term Contracts
✓ Free Smartphone Breathalyzer

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Smartphone Breathalyzers