Transform Your Smartphone into a Breathalyzer

Open the app and get your estimated
Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in seconds.

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BACtrack Mobile Pro

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BACtrack C6 Keychain

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Compatible with iOS devices running iOS 8 or higher; Samsung and Google devices with Android 4.3 and above

How It Works


Breathe into the BACtrack and results are sent wirelessly to your iOS or Android device.



See accurate reading and a ZeroLine® estimate of when your BAC will reach 0.00%.



Decide what comes next. Save your number? Test someone else? Switch to water? Hand over your keys?

Guess Your BAC

Gives you the opportunity, before you test, to guess your BAC level. Compare your perception to actual numbers, and see whether your guesses get better over time.



Allows you to track and attach notes or photos to your results. What you drank and ate, who you were with, and how you felt; personalize results to make more meaningful.


Wireless connectivity

Bluetooth enables a simple connection between BACtrack and your device so you don’t have to breathe into your phone, and you can see the app’s prompts and results as you blow.




Estimates when you will likely be sober, based on your last reading.

Apple Health

Integrates seamlessly with Apple Health so you can see your total health picture and assess how alcohol may influence factors such as sleep and activity level.

Apple Watch

Sends accurate results straight to your wrist. Apple Watch features include Active ZeroLine™, which offers a continuous countdown to 0.00% BAC available at a glance.

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Introducing BACtrack View, the world’s first smartphone-based remote alcohol monitoring system

With BACtrack Mobile, your iPhone or iPad, and our new app, share or receive photo-verified and time/date stamped BAC results.

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Precision Hardware

Thoughtful design, unrivaled accuracy.

Proprietary Sensors

Provides the most accurate results because of our sensors: police-grade Xtend® fuel-cell and reliable MicroCheck sensor technology.



Includes washable, disposable mouthpieces to improve accuracy by collecting the highest quality sample, and to allow you to test others safely.


Privacy & Sharing

Choose what happens to your results. Delete? Track privately? Send as anonymous, randomized data? Share only with a loved one? Post to social media? You choose.



BACtrack Vio


Customer Rating
Sensor Type
Police-grade BluFire® Fuel Cell Sensor
MicroCheck® Sensor
Smartphone Connectivity yes yes
Power Source
Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
1 AAA Battery
Additional Information
Miniature air pump for precise breath sample
Compact keychain design with flip up mouthpiece