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Android Headlines Covers the New BACtrack App Update


Android Headlines just did a neat little write up on the BACtrack Android App update. Here are some of the notable excepts from their review: 

"If you enjoy having a drink now and again, it’s important to drink responsibly and make sure that you don’t put yourself or anyone else around you at risk... you may or may not have heard of a cool application/device combo that allows you to track your BAC levels and determine whether or not it’s safe for you to drive... The app and device are called BACtrack, and the app has actually been out for a little while now but it has recently gotten a complete redesign in the Android version with some added new features that help to work better with the companion device."

The writer then goes on to note some of the finer features of the new app--ZeroLine redesign, Guess Your BAC, and a cleaner, lighter look all around.

Read the full review here: //