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BACtrack Mobile: A Must Have Accessory You've Probably Never Even Considered

Reverse Wine Snob is known for his ability to sniff out the best tasting wines available for an affordable price. Recently, he diverged from wines to sniff out a different kind of deal--a device that attaches to your smartphone to tell you your alcohol level and inform you when to say no to another glass of Pinot. That's right, he reviewed the BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer.

"We're taking a break from our normal wine posts to bring you a review of what might be one of the most overlooked wine accessories on the planet -- the personal breathalyzer. Today we've got a mobile version from BACtrack, an item we've had a chance to play with over the last few weeks and enthusiastically recommend to our readers."

He then goes on to find that the breathalyzer can be extremely helpful in aiding wine lovers (or spirits lovers, or beer lovers, for that matter) keep tabs on their alcohol level, thereby enabling them to make smarter decisions regarding their actions.

Great review!

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