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BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer--a Life Saver, Says Tech Dissected


"It's a great feeling when you try out a new gadget and it does exactly what's advertised, and it does it well." 

So begins a review from Tech Dissected of the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer. The reviewer then takes pains to explain the process of pairing the smartphone breathalyzer with his Android device, as well as testing it.  

"Voila, simple as can be, and it worked for me right away every time without fail."

While he may have had some trouble with the tagging drinks element of the app, as well as the lack of craft beer selection therein (sorry, Chris!), he found the functionality of the other features superlative. 

"Pretty much everything about the BACtrack Vio is top-notch. The graph for showing your BAC history offers great insight into your drinking habits, and you can tap into any of the results on the graph to get back to the detailed info screen for that test. There is also an interesting WorldView section of the app that allows you to see the 100 most recent test results from those who have opted in to anonymously share their results for any specific area in the world."

While he might have had complaints with the battery life, overall, Vio earned high marks.

"The hardware looks nice and well designed, and is light and small enough to easily carry with you on your keychain, which is perfect... I can’t recommend the BACtrack Vio highly enough. It’s a great device that works wonderfully, and, more importantly, could save your money, your license, or even your life. How many gadgets can you say that about?"

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