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Fast Company Introduces BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer

Fast Company did an interesting, in depth write up on BACtrack and the release of the BACtrack Vio last week.

"Following up on its first Bluetooth-connected breathalyzer, which was introduced last spring, the San Francisco company on Tuesday launched BACtrack Vio, a smaller, cheaper breathalyzer that can be carried around on a keychain--a nice reminder by the car keys--along with a refreshed app."

The review first scans some of the highlights of the company itself--68% market share on breathalyzers, international distibution and available in more than 10,000 retail locations, and 73.5% revenue increase between 2012 and 2013--before moving onto the details of what makes BACtrack Vio tick.

"About half the size of BACtrack Mobile, the new Vio model uses a fold-out channel the user blows through (with the option to use a mouthpiece accessory) and is powered by a AAA battery."

She explains a little of the inner workings of the device, applying quotes from an interview with BACtrack Founder and CEO, Keith Nothacker.

The FC reviewer then makes note of the new BACtrack app skin, saying the drinking data is "easier to digest." She also mentions the "Guess your BAC" feature, which, as Nothacker is quoted saying, "It's 100% not gamification. There's no reward for guessing correctly. It's to see how [drinkers'] guesses are getting better over time."

The verdict? Though intended for personal use only, BACtrack Vio is certainly a valuable tool that allows for quick reference to blood alcohol content.

Read the full article here.