BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzers now Available in Costco

October 28, 2013 1 Comment

BACtrack Keychain in Costco

Attention Costco Shoppers... direct your attention to aisle 3 for the smallest, most convenient, most affordable method of estimating your blood alcohol content. That's right folks--the BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer is now available at Costco locations across this great nation of ours. If you simply can't wait for a breathalyzer to arrive, or if you need a quick gift for someone else, head out and grab a few BACtrack Keychains for the gang.

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The BACtrack Keychain's small size, convenient folding mouthpiece, and optional mouth covers make it extremely portable as well as simple to use and share with friends on the go. 

Costco aficionados are already hip to this exceptional deal. Prices vary by location and supplies are limited, so get down to your local Costco warehouse and pick one up today.

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Pat Latona
Pat Latona

January 24, 2015

I bought 5 of these for my sons and myself for this past Xmas. What a wonderful product. They all loved it and I even talked it up on Costco to a few people who thought it too was a great gift. They bought it!
Just recently I noticed that the battery cover on mine was missing. I’ve looked everywhere but no luck. U now have tape holding the battery in ace and it looks horrible hanging from my key chain. Any chance you could send me another battery cover?
I will pay the fee, ease just let me know what it is and if I can use my credit card to pay.
Thank you for your time.
Pat latona

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