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BACtrack Mobile in Article, the definitive automobile resource, featured an article this week on the utility of the smartphone breathalyzers. Indeed, the category continues to grow, with new additions popping up what seems like every other week. The BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer, as well as BACtrack Founder and CEO, Keith Nothacker, featured prominently in the piece. 

"Smartphone breathalyzers like BACtrack Mobile, whose developers say is the first to wirelessly connect with an iPhone via Bluetooth, are the newest generation of options to help drivers figure out when they're impaired and running the risk of a DUI charge.

"Advocates say the new BAC devices will replace the lower-tech options such as the standard DMV chart that estimates BAC based only on weight, number of drinks, time elapsed and gender... but which can't account for factors such as food intake and individual responses to alcohol... The new-generation smartphone breathalyzers say their technology also goes beyond the array of smartphone apps... because those apps don't get a breath sample."

"'We're convinced this is something that can save lives,' Nothacker says..."

The well written article goes on to mention the NTSB proposal to lower the DUI threshold from 0.08% to 0.05% BAC, and how this regulation, if passed by the individual states, will make devices like BACtrack Mobile an essential item for those drinking outside the home. 

"We can show that owning a breathalyzer leads to lower instances of impaired driving," Nothacker says. Just having a device, he says, moves the issue to ''front of mind."


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