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Use a BACtrack Breathalyzer, Save $15,000

AAA recently reported that a first offense misdemeanor DUI in California now costs up to $15,649 for adults, and up to $22,492 for teens. And that's if no one gets seriously injured. 

A DUI is a terrible thing to have to experience, and not just for your wallet. But the good news is, it's entirely preventable. As the Orange County magazine, Orange Coast reported recently, a breathalyzer really is the only "reliable method for self-estimating whether you’re too intoxicated to drive."

"BACtrack Mobile is a breathalyzer unit that connects to an iPhone wirelessly via Bluetooth and quickly estimates BAC using an accurate professional-grade alcohol sensor," they reported. "BACtrack Mobile can save results and estimate when a BAC will return to 0.00%. And the price, $149.99, is significantly cheaper than a DUI."


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