BACtrack at Consumer Electronics Show - Thursday Morning

January 07, 2011 1 Comment

It's Thursday morning and BACtrack Representative Jessica Oster is eager to prove to the world that she's starting the day at 0.00% BAC. Heck, it's easy to do when you are armed with the WORLD'S LARGEST BREATHAYZER and the WORLD'S FIRST BLUETOOTH BREATHALYZER! Take that, Mr. Guinness! 

Early morning visitors see a demonstration of BACtrack's Wonder of Wonders: a custom Bluetooth-enabled BACtrack S75 Pro that transmits live test results to the two story tower.

The BACtrack Breathalyzer tower is visible all the way down the hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall. Stay tuned for reports of how the World's Largest Breathalyzer fares at the CES 2011! 

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December 23, 2012

I recently ended up in a stitaiuon where I had to report a colleague for being impaired (presumably by alcohol) on call. While that was uncomfortable, and took some time for me to figure out the proper channels, and while it’s uncomfortable in the extreme to do that as a new doc in the community, I ultimately decided I couldn’t live with the thought of patients being put at risk.While I certainly assume that the inebriated pilot is the exception rather than the rule, I would hope that any copilot or flight attendant or navigator or whoever would take the responsibility of their passengers’ safety seriously. And the big difference between an inebriated pilot and physician? A physician who is impaired is only responsible for one patient at a time, while a pilot is responsible for possibly hundreds of passengers.

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