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Ask the DUI Expert: Do You Ever Get Annoyed By People Driving Slowly Around You?

Ask the DUI Expert: Do You Ever Get Annoyed by People Driving Slowly Around You?

This week, we ask our DUI Expert, Officer William Pelarenos: Do you ever get annoyed when you are driving your squad car and everyone seems to be driving very slowly around you?

Officer William Pelarenos: No, I didn’t care. I had moving radar which would catch the speed of oncoming vehicles. I would drive in the far left lane at a slow speed because if I had a speeder, I would reduce my speed and make a make a quick U-turn in order to catch that vehicle. The slower that I went, the easier the U-turn was to make.

The thing that bothered me most was if I had to use lights and siren to get someplace fast and people would not get out of my way. It was unbelievable. Cars are supposed to pull to the right for emergency vehicles' lights and siren. “Running Code” was the term we used to describe an emergency vehicle using lights and siren.

Many times people would just keep on driving without pulling over to the right and stopping. I would look at some of these people as I passed their vehicles, just to see the face of the person that would not move out of my way. They would just have a blank stare on their faces and look at me like I was from outer space. These are the drivers that deserved to be issued traffic tickets. 

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