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Epic Testing Session with BACtrack Mobile from Technology X

"The worst thing about partying is getting home. For some, it can be awkward, but ever so important, to approach your friends and family to stop them from drinking and driving. While there is no easy way to approach the subject matter, BACtrack has made your life slightly easier."

So begins a recent review of the BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer. The tech and gadget blog, Technology X, goes on to review some of the design highlights and specifications of the unit. It's a well written and thorough review--but Technology X doesn't stop there. They go on to take the unit out drinking with them, and in doing so, record their beverage intake and resulting BAC as shown by our flagship smartphone breathalyzer.  

True to their inner geek (and to our pure delight!), they even graphed the results of their tests--both to ascertain the effect of the number of drinks on BAC, and the number of drinks on reaction time. Check out these awesome graphs!  

In the end, their conclusion: "The BACtrack bluetooth breathalyzer is an awesome device that uniquely blends social outings with technology. This mobile breathalyzer produced consistent results across all of our testing, well deserving of our innovative award!"

Great work, and a very informative and interesting application of the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer. Bravo, Technology X!

To read the full review and testing session, go here

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