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Tri-County Times Tests the BACtrack Vio

A writer at the The Tri-County Times put the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer to the test recently, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. 

After spending the night at a party with friends, the writer took out the smartphone breathalyzer to see how affected his was by the two gin and tonics he had enjoyed an hour before.

"My result was instant — .059%. ‘That makes sense,’ I said to myself. Not only does the app tell you what your BAC is, it also gives a small objective, scientific suggestion at your current state. My BAC content was technically under the legal limit, but it informed me, that I could still be ticketed for DUI, if I was pulled over, a warning it gives at even a .000 reading." 

He goes on to review some of the most salient points about the breathalyzer and the BACtrack App. 

"I’ve always been super responsible with alcohol and driving, and the tester was another item that gave me peace-of-mind. Also, it’s gotta be kind of fun to ask your friends to rate how drunk they think they are, and then scientifically confirm what you already knew — that they’re more drunk than that."

Another satisfied customer!

Read the full review here.