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Personal Breathalyzers: Down in Price, Way Up in Accuracy

An interesting article in the Hanford Sentinel was recently published about the prevalence of fuel cell breathalyzers. Their drop in price in recent years has afforded the everyday drinker to be more informed on how alcohol affects their bodies and minds.

In the article, BACtrack Founder and CEO, Keith Nothacker was quoted saying, "if you are going to consume alcohol — or you are with a friend who has been drinking and plans to drive — with today’s fuel cell personal breathalyzes, you can establish a blood alcohol level, and either find an alternate way home or allow enough time to pass, test again and ensure a 0.00 level before going on the road.”

The article continues, exploring the relatively new world of smartphone breathalyzers, arguing, "Got a Smartphone? Then you've got half a breathalyzer."

"A new breathalyzer works with an app installed on your smartphone and is the size of a box of Tic Tacs. The BACtrack Mobile provides both an alcohol percent reading, and shows how many hours until sober. It is so cool that you and your friends will want to be tested, and that’s the idea."

Read the full article here.