Ask the DUI Expert: How to Prevent Getting a DUI


September 17, 2014

This week, we ask Officer William Pelarenos: What’s the best way to prevent getting a DUI?

Officer Pelarenos: The best way to prevent getting arrested for DUI is obviously not to drive after consuming alcohol. Of course, if you know your BAC level, then obviously you would know not to drive if you are over the legal limit.

BACtrack tells your BAC. It is very similar to the police issued PBT (Preliminary Breath Tester) which I used on DUI stops during my police career.  

I was a State Certified Breathalyzer Operator and have administered over a thousand breath tests. I can honestly say that after testing the BACtrack on several subjects, it is an accurate device.


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  • There are other ways to prevent being arrested for DUI, such as taking a taxi cab or having a designated driver. Now, here is the important part , the designated driver should not be drinking alcohol. What good is having a designated driver if he is under the influence of alcohol?

    I was at our local casino Thursday night and I ran into some friends that were drinking. I asked them if they had a designated driver and they point to their designated driver who is drinking a Rum & Coke. Please let’s not be foolish. A DUI is a serious and expensive charge. Even worse, is if you are involved in a DUI-related traffic crash. Don’t get into a vehicle if the driver has been drinking. Make the smart decision and stay safe.

    William Pelarenos on

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