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TUAW Gives BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer Top Marks


Smartphone breathalyzers--they're a pretty hot commodity these days. But which one is the best for you and your needs? The recent release of the BACtrack Vio has certainly turned people's heads--especially those who are new to the smartphone breathalyzer market. As The Unofficial Apple Weblog, or TUAW, holds forth in their recent review, "with the new price and smaller form factor, anyone who likes to imbibe now and then should be able to afford a BACtrack Vio."

One of the virtues heralded by the TUAW review are the Vio's portability. With an attached keyring, and powered by a AAA battery, the BACtrack Vio can go wherever you do. Another virtue of the smartphone breathalyzer is its accessibility, he says. At just $49.99, this new product is within the price range of a wider audience than BACtrack Mobile. 

In conclusion, the reviewer gave BACtrack Vio top marks--4 out of 4 stars. "With an iPhone, a BACtrack Vio, and a sense of personal responsibility," he says, "there's no reason for anyone to be driving while intoxicated."

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