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Eater Reports Cities with Highest BAC Results According to BACtrack Consumption Report

Which cities had the highest BAC results in 2013? Eater, a restaurant and food blog, picked up on the BACtrack Consumption Report, released last week, to analyze our findings that Dallas and Oakland were the two American cities with the highest BAC readings. 

"According to data collected by BACtrack, boozers in Dallas and Oakland reported the highest average BAC ratings, at 0.091 percent in both cities... Users in Scottsdale, Arizona and Las Vegas followed closely behind, while Houston BACtrackers reported the lowest average, at just 0.034 percent."

The blog went on to find that some of the data was surprising, including the seemingly arbitrary day with the highest BAC reading of the year.

"The data also reveals the largest drinking days of the past year, in terms of app users: Unsurprisingly, the highest breathalyzer score averages occurred on New Year's Eve and Super Bowl Sunday. Randomly, America also got extremely drunk on Sunday, June 22, 2013, with an average BAC of 0.115%."

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