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Tech Greatest Proposes BACtrack Mobile Be Adopted in Every Pub Across the UK

tech greatest

BACtrack Mobile was reviewed on the UK tech and gadget site, Tech Greatest recently. They lauded its utility and functionality in aiding those imbibing to know how alcohol is affecting their body, mind, coordination and reasoning. They were especially impressed with BACtrack Mobile's ZeroLine feature. 

"The BACtrack permits you to chart your BAC over time so you'll be able to see how drunk you're getting throughout the night. Additionally it makes use of a proprietary algorithm that reveals when your BAC will drop to zero once more...I’d like to see one of these behind the bar in every pub in the nation. "

Tech Greatest goes on to review their thoughts on using it throughout a night of drinking and how it effectively raises users' awareness levels--as well as that of his/her companions. 

"At £70 the BACtrack is priced dearly... Nevertheless, it’s an tool that may save lives... It would be a terrific service for pubs to supply these for public use to make sure their patrons are absolutely conscious of simply how drunk they are."

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