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Cult of Android Calls BACtrack Mobile's Accuracy "Impressive"

BACtrack in Cult of Android

Cult of Android just posted a write up of BACtrack Mobile, announcing our entry into the realm of Android-running smartphones.

The article also discusses some of the things that distinguish our product from other smartphone breathalyzers currently in or entering the market:

"Unlike the rest of the pack, BACtrack is a standalone gadget and doesn't actually plug into a smartphone. Instead, it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth — which might make it somewhat easier to operate by an inebriated user."

Our device's accuracy is another point of distinction from our peers. 

"Another difference is that BACtrack’s maker says it’s the world’s most accurate smartphone breathalyzer, 'equipped with law enforcement-grade fuel cell sensor technology, providing 4-digit test results that can pick up even trace amounts of alcohol – as low as 0.001% BAC,' which sounds pretty impressive, especially when buzzed." 

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