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Ever Wonder How Drinking Affects Weight Control?

BACtrack in Glamour

This is the question that Glamour asked, and with the help of BACtrack Mobile, they found out. 

"When there's even a little alcohol in you, your body basically puts its other calorie-burning activities aside to focus on metabolizing the liquor. Because the BACtrack can tell you how long it will take you to hit 0.00 blood alcohol again, you'll have the chance to have a more efficient workout."

This is especially helpful for those who have indulged in after-work, pre-gym drinks. Test yourself, check your ZeroLine®, and know the best time to hit that CrossFit class. 

"Think of it as another tool in your body-awareness belt!" Glamour says. "The app also makes it easy to share your tracked results with friends, if you so choose, and you can even share the device itself with them (it comes with several interchangeable mouthpieces)."

BACtrack Mobile - it really is the socialite's best friend.