Boozy Bridesmaids: Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for Wedding Parties that Drink

Boozy Bridesmaids: Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for Wedding Parties that Drink

Wedding season. It is upon us. When your fridge is covered in smiling save-the-dates and every weekend in the foreseeable future is carefully curated, you know it’s about to be a crazy ride.

When you’re the blushing bride, there seems to be an endless to-do list of things to remember. And one thing you certainly don’t want to forget is to thank those boozy bridesmaids of yours for helping you along the way.

To make things easier, we put together this list of unique bridesmaid gift ideas, perfect for wedding parties that emphasis the party. If you and your bride tribe have ever toasted to “the nights you’ll never remember with the friends you’ll never forget,” these are the best bridesmaid gift ideas for you.

  1. 9-Piece Sonoma Wine & Cheese Tote | $115 on

    Picnics are great, but let’s be honest, the best part is the wine and cheese. This cute bridesmaid gift comes with 9 different pieces in an easy-to-pack-and-carry tote. The set includes the tote, a cutting board, a cheese knife, a corkscrew, a bottle stopper, 2 napkins and 2 shatter-resistant stemless wine glasses. It’s insulated inside with 3 different compartments for wine, and 1 for food - now that’s a ratio we can get behind.

  2. Sparkling Rosé Wine Making Kit | $70 on

    The ultimate DIY. Sparkling pink bubbles make anything more festive, and we bet they taste even better when you put in the TLC to make them yourself. It takes 6 weeks for each batch to be ready, so why not mix them up with your bridesmaids at the bachelorette party, and then toast with your extra special rosé concoctions on your wedding day? Ahh, bonding.

  3. Wedding Prep Dress | 6 for $120 on

    It’s 2018, the bridesmaid robe thing has been done already. These adorable wedding prep dresses are a unique and useful bridesmaids gift that can be used again and again! They can be worn on the shoulder or off, and easily slip on from the floor up so they don’t mess up your flawless hair and makeup.

  4. BACtrack C6 Keychain Breathalyzer | $70 on

    It’s the gift you didn’t know you needed, but now you’re not sure how you lived without it - and your bride squad besties will agree. The BACtrack C6 Keychain Breathalyzer is the smallest police-grade personal breathalyzer on the market. It accurately reads your BAC so you and everyone in your bridal party can make better decisions during your wedding night and beyond. You’d do anything for your girls, so what’s better than a gift that can help keep them safe and let the good times continue to roll?

  5. Aqua Druzy Necklace | $98 on

    Ok, we know this isn’t technically an alcohol related bridesmaid gift, but it’s just so pretty and it can definitely be worn on a night out on the town. Plus druzy sounds kind of like you get the idea.

  6. Kate Spade Charging Wristlet | $130 on

    Fashionable, functional and perfect for those bridesmaids who never seem to have a fully charged phone. This amazing Kate Spade charging wristlet charges your phone from the safety of your wrist so you don’t accidentally leave it plugged in to a random charger behind the bar. Your bridesmaids will be able to Instagram and Snapchat your entire wedding night and still have plenty of battery left to Uber home at the end of what’s sure to be a fantastic night.

  7. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera | $69 on

    The ultimate Instagram. Or is it Instagram IRL? (That’s Instagram “in real life” to save you a Google search). This unique bridal party gift is sure to be a hit, and you’ll have instant memories that print out in a snap.

  8. Bridesmaid May Contain Alcohol Shirt | $23 on

    They’re cute, they’re comfortable - and let’s face it - they’re accurate. Your bridal party brings the party, and they’re not afraid to show it. These handmade shirts come in a variety of colors and can be worn to the gym, to brunch, and everywhere in between.

  9. Gold Rimmed Purple Agate Coasters | Set of 4 for $120 on

    For the stylish bridal party who always appreciates wine and fine cocktails, but never appreciates water rings. These are Grade “A” Agate coasters. Fun fact: agate is a stone that forms when magma is expelled from the Earth’s crust and cools. It is considered a stone of stability, helping to harmonize physical, emotional and psychological balance. Yes please.

  10. Personalized Bridesmaid Wine Labels | 8 for $34 on

    These personalized bridesmaid gifts are a great way to ask your best friends to be a part of your bridal party. They are customizable, and you can even add a glitter effect in silver, gold or rose gold. They also make a great Maid of Honor gift. Even after the wine is gone, the bottle can be a stylish keepsake to hold flowers and memories. *Tear.*