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BACtrack® Unveils the World’s First Wearable Alcohol Monitor, BACtrack Skyn

BACtrack Skyn with Apple Watch band

At CES, BACtrack unveiled BACtrack Skyn, the world’s first wearable alcohol monitor. Now tracking alcohol consumption is easier than ever; glance at your wrist at BACtrack Skyn and learn your approximate alcohol level continuously and in real-time.

BACtrack unveiled two new working prototypes:

  • A band for Apple Watch, a first-of-its-kind design created to make BACtrack Skyn even easier for people to wear and integrate into their daily lives.
  • A standalone wearable device worn on a user’s wrist.

The latter model is a smaller and improved version of the prototype recently awarded the grand prize and $200,000 in the 2016 National Institutes of Health (NIH) ‘Wearable Alcohol Biosensor’ Challenge.

Both versions sync wirelessly with the BACtrack Skyn app and offer powerful and actionable data. For instance, a user can learn when they’re approaching higher alcohol levels and slow down or stop their drinking. Best of all, this breakthrough in alcohol testing is effortless – the device passively tracks a user’s alcohol level in real time; there’s no need to use a breathalyzer.

The response to BACtrack Skyn and the potential it has to have an enormous impact on health and safety has been tremendous. Take a look at some press coverage below and on our Press page.

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