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New Study Shows Moderate Wine Consumption Lowers Risk of Depression

Drinking wine in moderation has long been touted as having health benefits for those with heart disease. But a new study shows it may also lower our tendency for depression, as well.

While previous studies have shown that heavy alcohol consumption is closely related to mental health problems, few studies that have looked at the relationship between mental health and light or moderate drinking.

Researchers from Spain report on a cohort study that followed over 5,500 light-to-moderate drinkers for seven years. They found was that drinking alcohol in moderation actually lowered the risk and incidence of depression.

Those who drank a daily average of five to 15 grams of alcohol, had lower risks of depression than those who had opted not to imbibe. Moderate drinkers (those drinking two to seven glasses of wine per week) showed even lower risks for depression than the light to moderate group.

Ironically, drinking more wine doesn't mean more health benefits. In fact, the exact opposite holds true. As in all things, moderation is the operative word here.

And how best to moderate your drinking? Use a breathalyzer to ensure you stay at a safe level at all times.