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Hangover Cures from Around the World

When it comes to hangovers, prevention is the best--some say the only--cure. With a BACtrack Breathalyzer, you really never have to suffer. By monitoring your BAC closely, and making sure it’s (at most) a 0.02% when you hit the sack, you should be able to avoid a painful morning--or at the very least, get a sound night's sleep. (Read why you tend to wake up early after a night a drinking.)

Nevertheless, there are times when celebrating may go a little longer or a little later than we expect. Next time you wake up feeling less than top notch, why not try one of these morning-after cures from around the globe?

  • Italy: Espresso and fruit juice.
  • Germany: Rollmops--pickled herring wrapped around a pickle or an onion.
  • Japan: Shijimi Soup—miso soup with raw egg and pickled plums.
  • Poland: Pickle juice, gulped straight from the jar.
  • Ecuador: Oregano tea, called ‘‘chuchaqui’’ in the ancient Quechua language.
  • Ireland: Bury a person up to the neck in moist sand. When not conveniently located near a beach or playground, the Irish also favor the fry up--fried eggs, sausage, mushrooms, toast, tomato, bacon and black pudding.  
  • Denmark: Reparationbajer—a morning-after beer, aka, hair of the dog.
  • Russia: A nice steamy sauna, self-flagellation with birch leaves, optional.
  • U.S.A.: The Prairie Oyster, a drink made with tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, a dash of hot pepper sauce, and a raw egg yolk. Alternately, a Bloody Mary.
  • Mongolia: Pickled sheep eyeballs in tomato juice.
  • China: Strong green tea or water with lemon.
  • Switzerland: Rösti, a potato pancake made with thin, grated potatoes.
  • Korea: Haejang Guk, or "soup to chase away a hangover." Usually consists of cabbage, congealed blood, pork or beef stock, tripe, and green onions. Served with condiments like kimchi, dried salted seaweed, sliced green chillies and pickled shrimp.