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Changing the Game with BACtrack Mobile

As Gizorama so eloquently put it this week, "While personal breathalyzers are nothing new, BACtrack, one of the most well known and trusted breathalyzer manufacturers out there, has changed the concept to fit the digital age we have grown to love."

In truth, inebriation itself is nothing new--but the fact that we have evolved beyond just blindly intoxicating and can responsibly measure ourselves and adjust our behaviors accordingly is a new and exciting benefit of living in the 21st Century... and of owning a BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer

"It is incredibly easy to use, and can spit out readings within minutes of opening the package," Gizorama reports. "The share feature is really useful as every test will tie in your GPS location... Should you get to the point where you’re unable to drive or don’t want to, you can jet off a text to your buddy and they’ll be able to come pick you up at the test location..."

Their conclusion: "The BACtrack Mobile is hands down one of the best breathalyzer units we’ve ever used. It’s compact, it’s accurate, and it allows you to track your blood alcohol percentage over time." 

Nicely put! 

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