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Self Declares BACtrack Mobile "Pretty Cool"



Self.com published a review of BACtrack Mobile this week, finding it quite to their liking. In their estimation, the new breathalyzer is a great tool for education, self-awareness, and accountability while drinking. 

"I gave it a try and I was surprised at how easy it was to use," the author writes, "and how it picked up on the two glasses of red wine I had at dinner... it was certainly an eye opener to see how close I was to the legal limit -- even though I felt completely fine."

The author then points out the utility of BACtrack Mobile's ZeroLine and sharing capabilities: 

"If you saw a friend post his over-the-limit BAC while out at a bar, for example, you might text him and offer him a ride home -- or, at the very least, check in and make sure he gets a cab."

We hope others will drink responsibly and use BACtrack Mobile in exactly this manner! 

Read the full article: www.self.com/blogs/flash/2013/04/health-mobile-bac-breathalyzer.html


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