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Popular Science Features BACtrack Mobile

Popular Science, or PopSci as they are known online, reviewed the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer this week, highlighting its accuracy, appeal for a range of users, and on-going interest in BACtrack WorldView

"If you're going to shell out for a breathalyzer, you might as well make it accurate," they state. "This one uses fuel cell sensors, the preferred breathalyzer tech used by law enforcement... Data nerds can graph their drinking habits, while oversharers can describe their night in detail in the 'personal drink diary' and compare their numbers with friends. It'll even give you an estimate of when you'll be returning to complete sobriety, despite the app's warning that it shouldn't actually be used to determine whether or not you can operate a vehicle."

Read the full article at: www.popsci.com/gadgets/article/2013-04/broadcast-your-drunken-data-all-over-world-smartphone-breathalyzer