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Introducing BACtrack WorldView!

Introducing BACtrack WorldView

BACtrack WorldView is the first map of its kind--a collection of blood alcohol content (BAC) readings from around the world, courtesy of the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer.


BACtrack WorldView Map


When users choose to share readings anonymously (Data Sharing options are available on the Options screen within the app), their readings are added to WorldView as they are taken. A randomized name is assigned to the reading to protect users identity--although they can change it, if they choose. Only BAC readings are shared along with any photos and drinks they chose to attach. 





What is the purpose of BACtrack WorldView? 

The goal is to raise awareness of personal breath alcohol testing, which we believe can have a positive impact on society. The more we are open about testing ourselves and sharing our BAC, the more others will think before they make serious decisions after drinking--decisions that could impact the rest of their lives and the lives of others. 

Do I need to have a BACtrack Mobile or the BACtrack App in order to view the map? 

No. Simply click the map image above and view it as it updates through any web browser. 

How can I add my readings to WorldView? 

You must have BACtrack Mobile to add readings to WorldView. 

How recent are the readings on WorldView?

BAC results are continuously being updated by users of BACtrack Mobile, as they are using the product.

How many results are displayed at once? 

The 100 most recent BAC readings are updated on an ongoing basis.