BACtrack Breathalyzers Featured on the Dr. Phil Show


January 24, 2012

In the January 23rd episode of the Dr. Phil show, titled "Under the Influence," Dr. Phil discusses the dangers of driving under the influence. In the segment, he shares compelling stories about individuals that have suffered the consequences of drinking and driving, both directly and indirectly, and more. 


Additionally in the segment, Dr. Phil states, "A great way to ensure that you are under the legal limit to drive is by purchasing your own breathalyzer." We couldn't have said it better ourselves! 

Check out BACtrack Breathalyzer models for personal use, and those with police-grade fuel cell sensor technology for both personal and professional use, and see where to purchase one for yourself. 


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  • I bought my first BACtrack S80 after googling best breathalyzer’s and it bringing up the Dr. Phil show that endorsed the product as the most accurate available. My college age son requested one and I purchased it for him. It seems to have kept him out of trouble. I purchased another one for my youngest college age son and one for myself as well. Mine quit working for some reason and I sent it back for recalibration and the company replaced it for the recalibration charge. This company is fantastic and the product is the best. It lives up to all of the ratings by Dr. Phil and to blog comments related to the company replacing if it can’t be recalibrated. Highly recommend.

    Diana Mulligan on

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