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BACtrack S80 Pro featured on The Dr. Phil Show


The BACtrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer and BACtrack company founder, Keith Nothacker were featured on the Dr. Phil show recently. In the "Legal Matters" segment, Dr. Phil and his panel of some of the country’s top lawyers looked into whether or not breathalyzers are truly accurate.


 Dr. Phil and Keith used the S80 Pro to test criminal defense attorney Anthony Pope, former prosecutor Loni Coombs, financial attorney Chris Chatham, and a Dr. Phil staff member to discover which substances may impact a breathalyzer reading. Mouthwash? Breath spray? Breath mints? And how about tequila shots? 



 The truth came out in the segment--you just can't beat a breathalyzer! Also demonstrated was how simple a BACtrack breathalyzer is to use to accurately measure your blood alcohol level in just seconds. 

Stay safe and make smart decisions--buy your own breathalyzer today!