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BACtrack for Apple Watch Makes a Splash

Early reports across the web are already calling Apple Watch a wonder for its capacity to track health stats and vitals. When paired with the wealth of apps on the new iOS platform, users will be able to easily monitor and measure personal progress. 

BACtrack is unique in that it allows users to measure alcohol's effect on the body and track BAC levels as they fall to 0.00%--all straight from the wrist.

Both Macworld and Med City News called out the utility of this functionality in recent articles. 

"A slew of smart breathalyzers are currently on the market. They pair with your iPhone to tell you just how drunk you are," Macworld begins. "But those blood-alcohol content testers might be worth even more if their results showed up on your wrist—then you really can’t escape the fact that you've had too many beers."

The article goes on to explain that being able to test straight from the wrist with Apple Watch adds a level of convenience (not having to dig in your bag to look for your phone) that just might enable users to test themselves more readily. 

"You can also set a reminder for the Watch to notify you 15 minutes after your last BAC test so you can test yourself again when the alcohol has disappeared from your mouth (which will give a wildly inaccurate reading). When you sober up, take a look at past readings to figure out the effect alcohol is having on your body." 

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