BACtrack Partners with Drive Clear to Prevent Drunk Driving

Supporting the victims of drunk driving and preventing further senseless tragedies from occurring is a full time job. No one understands this better than Jimmy Anderson, a young man with whom BACtrack recently partnered.

In 2010, Jimmy Anderson and his family were hit by a drunk driver who ran a stop sign at 60 mph in Patterson, CA. The tragic accident left Jimmy a quadriplegic, and took the lives of his mother, father and little brother. To honor his family, Jimmy launched Drive Clear, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing drunk driving and to restoring its victims. 

“The crash left me with physical and emotional scars that will never heal. The ones on my skin are ugly and painful; the ones on my spine will leave me physically broken for the rest of my life; the ones on my memory haunt my nightmares; and the ones on my heart, well, those are the most difficult to live with. But it’s those same scars that give me purpose,” said Jimmy Anderson, founder and president of Drive Clear. “And if showing people my scars can save a life by encouraging someone not to drive drunk, then the pain of reliving that day is worth it.”

BACtrack has partnered with Drive Clear to put breathalyzers in the hands of as many consumers as possible to empower them to make smart decisions while drinking. Additionally, BACtrack will donate $5 for each purchase made at the BACtrack / Drive Clear store

“We are both honored and humbled to work with someone who shares such a deep belief in what we stand for,” said BACtrack president and founder, Keith Nothacker. “Jimmy has been through an unthinkable tragedy and he can speak firsthand about the extreme outcomes of impaired driving. We strongly feel people need to hear Jimmy’s story so they can learn from his experience and make smarter, more informed decisions while drinking.”

Restoring the Victims

According to the NHTSA, alcohol-impaired motor vehicle crashes cost more than an estimated $37 billion each year. From medical expenses, to disability resources, to the cost of replacing a vehicle, the victims of these accidents are too often forced to choose between their own well-being or financial ruin.

Understanding the costs associated with drunk driving, Jimmy created Drive Clear to provide a way for the victims of drunk driving to raise the funds they need. Through individualized Recovery Campaigns, survivors can share their stories, bring attention to their specific needs, and encourage family, friends and good-hearted individuals to donate to their campaigns. And unlike other fundraising sites, 100 percent of the donations raised for a specific campaign go directly to the person in need.

Drunk Driving Prevention

Drive Clear aims to prevent drunk driving by providing consumers with the knowledge and tools needed to take responsibility for their own safety. By partnering with BACtrack, Drive Clear hopes to put breathalyzers in the hands of as many people as possible so they can ensure they are safe to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

“Preventing drunk driving requires more than just words,” continued Anderson. “We can’t just ask people to drink responsibly; we have to give them the tools to take responsibility.”

Together, Drive Clear and BACtrack hope to make breathalyzers as synonymous with safety as putting on a seat belt, making the roads a safer place and ultimately saving lives.

If you are interested in donating to Drive Clear or are a victim of drunk driving who needs assistance, you can find more information by going to

BACtrack will donate $5 for each purchase made in the BACtrack / Drive Clear store. Shop now