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BACtrack App for Apple Watch Provides First-Ever Continuous Estimate of BAC

It's official--the BACtrack App will be available for the forthcoming Apple Watch later this month. Look for it in the Watch App Store at launch on April 24th.

Having the BACtrack app on a brand new device will bring with it a variety of new features. For example, users will be able to initiate and complete BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) tests via the touchscreen on the Watch. Moving the testing process from the smartphone to the wrist will make it easier, faster and more convenient for users to access their estimated alcohol level anytime, anywhere.


A recent BACtrack survey shows that 63% of consumers do not know how many drinks it takes them to reach the legal driving limit, and a shocking 50% of those surveyed said they had driven a car without knowing if they were below 0.08%.

With the BACtrack app on Apple Watch, testing is easier and more convenient than ever before. We hope this will encourage people to test themselves more often so they can better understand how alcohol affects their bodies and make more responsible decisions while drinking.

In addition to all the functionality currently available to BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyzer users (being able to view results, result histories, and dose specific BAC effects), the BACtrack App on Apple Watch also brings with it newer advancements to the testing workflow. With Glances, a user can view Active ZeroLine™, an entirely new feature that is a significant upgrade of the already popular ZeroLine feature.

While ZeroLine estimates when a users' BAC will drop to 0.00%, Active ZeroLine gives the user a continuous countdown of one’s estimated BAC, directly on the Watch screen. This unique feature is the first of its kind and was developed specifically for the BACtrack app on Apple Watch; it is not currently offered on the BACtrack app for smartphones. By having BAC data just a glance away, the information is more accessible than ever before.

“The Apple Watch provides BACtrack users with an even better user experience,” said Keith Nothacker, President and Founder of BACtrack in a recent statement. “Having BAC results and the Active ZeroLine displayed at a glance on the wrist helps users know where they stand at any given moment. We hope this will encourage people to test themselves and their friends more often, and inspire others to do the same so that more people will make smart decisions while drinking.” 

In addition, the BACtrack App for Apple Watch will have a "Test in 15 Minutes" feature. This allows users to set an actionable notification so that they are reminded to test their BAC 15 minutes after drinking, allowing the alcohol to dissipate from the mouth to get the most accurate reading possible. This is a requirement for">using any BACtrack product--but only on the BACtrack app for Apple Watch has this been built into the actual workflow of the product.