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BACtrack Vio Goes Head-to-Head with a Police Breathalyzer

KHOU 11 News recently did a piece comparing the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer and two competing smartphone breathalyzers with a law enforcement unit. The results were very interesting.

In the test, three test subjects drank enough alcohol to get their blood alcohol content up to 0.08% BAC. They then breathalyzed with a law enforcement officer's official breathalyzer. Subsequently, they tested themselves using the BACtrack Vio, along with units made by two of our competitors. 

The results speak for themselves. BACtrack Vio fared very well, and while the results were slightly higher than the law enforcement unit, they were close enough to give users a good idea for their alcohol content. 

Here at BACtrack, we actually conduct these types of live testing sessions ourselves regularly. Read more about all the ways in which we are committed to delivering accurate breathalyzers and some of the results of these testing sessions on our Breathalyzer Accuracy page

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