USA Today Features BACtrack, Explores Increased Popularity of Breathalyzers


March 24, 2016

BACtrack was prominently featured in USA Today’s article about personal breathalyzers. The reporter discusses the increasing popularity of breathalyzers and shares insights from BACtrack users, when and why they use a BACtrack.

The reporter mentions something we hear from customers all of the time, that users say the devices help them make better choices, and stay better informed about their bodies. One BACtrack customer quoted in the article even shares how his BACtrack prevented a complete stranger in a bar, a designated driver no less, from getting behind the wheel. As he says, “It actually prevented a totally random person from drinking and driving.”

The reporter also interviews researchers in the alcohol use and addiction space. One such researcher, Rober Voas, a senior scientist with the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, a non-profit company, says people are notoriously terrible at judging their blood alcohol level. He adds, breathalyzers can help drinkers know when they’re had too much. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Read the full article here or download the pdf or read it online.



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