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BACtrack Keychain Dispels Drinking Myths in L.A. Times

The Los Angeles Times took the BACtrack Keychain out of a spin recently, finding it instrumental in revealing how erroneous common drinking assumptions can be.

"From driver's training days, I remember some motto--one drink per hour--makes a safe driver. Oh, really? That was the first myth to dispel."

Going to a party and consciously consuming two drinks, then waiting 15 minutes, the writer tested herself--and found the results on the BACtrack Keychain revealing.

"I felt fine. I wasn't swearing or telling inappropriate jokes. No buzz, I thought. Two drinks in two hours--nothing to worry about... As long as I didn't drive, that is. My blood alcohol was 0.08%."

This sentiment is common among first time breathalyzer users--the shock of seeing a discrepancy between how sober the feel vs how drunk they actually are.

"Even if you don't feel buzzed, seeing the numbers gives you a certain awareness you can't deny," she writes. "Maybe it can make it a little easier to wake your partner after midnight for a ride or perhaps for you to part with a 50 for the cabdriver."

The numbers can be surprising, which is why testing yourself with a BACtrack Breathalyzer, even when you feel "fine", is so important.


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