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BACtrack Mobile Crashes Gizmodo's Happy Hour


Gizmodo's weekly booze column, Happy Hour, featured BACtrack Mobile last week, giving it BIG thumbs up for its feature set, design, and utility.

Starting off, they called BACtrack Mobile "freaking adorable... you could forget you have it in the pocket of your hipster jeans. Hell, it fits in the little fifth pocket. That means you're more likely to actually take it with you."

For ease of use, it earned high marks, as well. "Simply download the app... open it, then turn on the device. It will have you pair to the phone with a single click, then click a second time to test.... It's pretty dang easy to use."

They go on to praise its accuracy down to the 0.001%, as well as ZeroLine®'s ability to predict your BAC's descent to 0.00%. Good words were had for its tracking features, as well.

Lastly, Gizmodo made some great points about how BACtrack Mobile should not be used as a crutch to tell them whether or not they are OK to drive--period. Even under 0.08% BAC, you can still be arrested for DUI.

In conclusion, why would a device like this matter? Gizmodo answers definitively: "Well, it could save a friend's life. Everybody has that idiot friend who claims to be 'fine to drive' when he or she definitely is not. Showing them just how over the legal limit they are might convince them to wait or take a cab... It's a pretty excellent product, and it works as advertised."

'Nuff said.


Read the full review here, or see it on Gizmodo's mirror sites in Australia or India.