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The Perfect Gift for the Man Cave: a BACtrack Breathalyzer

Food & Beverage Magazine has compiled a list of 'spirited' holiday gifts for man cave dwellers of all sizes and descriptions. Making the list: the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer.

"This gift is a practical item that keeps people safe and responsible after hanging out in the man cave and enjoying a few drinks," they report. "The BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer is the first alcohol-monitoring device to combine fuel cell sensor technology, Bluetooth connectivity, and app-enabled features. The device allows users to quickly and easily estimate their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) as well as track, share, and clearly understand the results. Additionally, the free BACtrack mobile comparison app provides first–of-its-kind features, such as ZeroLine®, which estimates when your Blood Alcohol Content will return to 0.000. You can also track your BAC over a period of a night or month to be more responsible and ensure you never compromise your safety and, as importantly, the safety of others."


Indeed with those softly glowing blue lights giving off that aura of ardent-hearted responsibility, BACtrack Mobile really does fit into a man cave quite well. Though some may argue it's as much at home in an embossed leather and sequined clutch...

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