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Digital Trends Spots BACtrack Mobile on the Rise

Digital Trends published a review of the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer, giving special attention to its accuracy, tracking, and sharing functions. 

"Unlike the little novelty breathalyzers that fit on a keychain and likely give less-than-accurate readings, BACtrack is a $150 accessory that offers professional-grade readings and a wealth of information regarding your alcohol consumption, all delivered right on the screen of your smartphone via Bluetooth. This thing is no joke..."

It certain is not, and we are so happy for such a informed and thoughtful review. 

"The readings are quick and the instructions are clear so you’ll know exactly when to breathe into it. It even preps you beforehand, having you take a deep enough breath to provide proper sample for the fuel cell to read. It shows up clear and concise on your phone’s display, simple as can be."


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