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Why Choose Fuel Cell Sensor Technology?

BACtrack Professional Breathalyzers with advanced Xtend® Fuel Cell Sensor Technology offer an extremely high level of blood alcohol content (BAC) testing accuracy and sensitivity, and are the alcohol testing devices of choice in situations that demand the most reliable results. At higher BAC concentrations, fuel cell sensors offer more accurate readings than traditional semiconductor sensors, and roadside testing with fuel cell devices is now permitted in over 30 states.
How Fuel Cell Breathalyzers Work

Fuel cell sensors rely on an electrochemical process that oxidizes the alcohol in a breath sample and produces an electrical current that the breathalyzer measures to determine the BAC. 

A fuel cell consists of two platinum electrodes that are partitioned by a porous acid-electrolyte material. As exhaled air passes through the fuel cell, the platinum oxidizes any alcohol present and produces acetic acid, protons and electrons. The electrons flow through a wire from the platinum electrodes and reveal the BAC. The strength of the current corresponds to the volume of alcohol present in the sample. 

 Higher Accuracy and Longer Life

Breathalyzers with fuel cell sensors maintain accuracy over a much longer period of time and are more likely to produce the same test result in repeated, uninterrupted tests than semiconductor devices. Fuel cell-based testers also require significantly less-frequent recalibration than semiconductor sensors – up to 1,500 tests or once a year – and regular use of a fuel cell breathalyzer can actually help maintain the accuracy of the fuel cell, as moisture in exhaled human breath is beneficial to the sensor. 

Unlike semiconductor models, a fuel cell sensor will not produce a false positive for individuals who are diabetic or on a low calorie diet. Semiconductor devices can also react to cigarette smoke, breath acetone, and volatile chemicals such as hairspray and gasoline vapor, and give positive alcohol readings even when no alcohol is present. 


BACtrack Professional Breathalyzers with Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology

BACtrack Mobile, BACtrack S80 Pro, BACtrack Trace, and BACtrack Element models with Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology offer extremely high accuracy and sensitivity. Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology uses a linear response to measure BAC over the complete range of alcohol concentrations, from 0.000-0.400 %BAC. Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology also offers extended sensor life for long-term reliability.

  • BACtrack Mobile - The smallest of our fuel cell models wirelessly connects to smartphones and tablets to offer accuracy in addition to a range of powerful tracking and sharing features.  
  • BACtrack S80 Pro – Has the largest fuel cell sensor in our professional line and remains accurate for a longer period of time – up to thousands of tests. 
  • BACtrack Trace – Offers palm-of-the-hand comfort and ease of use, maintains most accuracy benefits of the S80 Pro with a slightly smaller sensor and memory function. 
  • BACtrack Element – Easy, one-button operation for fast and reliable BAC results.