BACtrack is Honored to Partner with CDOT

The Colorado Dept. of Transportation (CDOT) and BACtrack are partnering to promote the use of breathalyzers, empowering Coloradans to make smart decisions when it comes to drinking and driving.
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Each year in Colorado, more than 20,000 people are arrested for DUI.

And according to CDOT, almost one-third of the state’s road fatalities involve an impaired driver.

Personal breathalyzers help keep our roads safe by empowering Coloradans to make smart decisions when it comes to drinking and driving.

Don’t risk it — know your BAC (blood alcohol content) is zero before you decide to drive.

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The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility is also supporting this program.

The Foundation brings more than 25 years of leadership in the fight against drunk driving and underage drinking.

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Last year, CDOT and BACtrack provided Coloradans with an exclusive discount on BACtracks, and also partnered with the Denver Police Department for the first-ever Breathalyzer Brunch.

The event served to demonstrate the benefits of using a BACtrack and show how easy it is to integrate into one’s normal drinking routine.

See KDVR-Fox News' coverage of the event.
In 2018, CDOT and BACtrack provided Coloradans with an unprecedented 50% discount on personal breathalyzers. Between July and September, 2,866 Coloradans purchased discounted BACtrack breathalyzers.

CDOT’s Coloradans to Blow Before Driving campaign kicked off the discount with a “beer and yoga” event designed to get people thinking about using personal breathalyzers to understand their BACs at everyday drinking events.

Watch the video to see what happened at the yoga session!

In 2017, CDOT and BACtrack launched the Before You Go, Know campaign at a Sky Sox game in Colorado Springs. See what happened at the game!
In 2016, CDOT distributed 225 BACtrack Mobiles to Coloradans. After using the breathalyzers, 84% of participants agreed owning a smartphone breathalyzer lowered their risk for a DUI/DWAI.

Check out the video and see what participants had to say about using their BACtracks.

"Whether you are a regular drinker or occasional, your true BAC will surprise you. Anyone who enjoys alcoholic beverages should own a BACtrack and use it regularly".

-Todd W., BACtrack Customer