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BACtrack NFL Report Garners More Media Attention

The latest edition of the BACtrack Consumption Report continues to get attention in the press and social media. 

"Apparently, losing does drive fans to drinking, at least according to a recent study done by BACtrack," writes CBS Sports. "The breathalyzer company spent the past six weeks anonymously collecting BAC samples and what they found is that Bills fans really, really, really like to drink. According to the study, Bills fans had an average blood-alcohol level of .076 through the first seven weeks of the NFL season, which was the highest among all NFL fan bases."

"Ever wonder which NFL fanbases get the drunkest while watching their respective teams play?" Complex writes. "Thanks to the folks at BACtrack -- a company that sells smartphone breathalyzers -- we may have the answer. Using data collected during the first seven Sundays of the NFL season, and dividing fans up based on Twitter's map of NFL fan allegiance, created an infographic which ranked the drunkenness of the fans of all 32 teams."

BACtrack in Philly dotcom

Lastly but not least, made the following comments:

"Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles are the third drunkest fans in the NFL, trailing behind the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions. VinePair reached out to BACtrack, a company that creates personal breathalyzers, to compile information about NFL fans’ blood alcohol content (BAC) for Sunday games from the 2015 pre-season until Sunday, Oct. 26. They collected fan data from BACtrack’s smartphone breathalyzer BACtrack Mobile and BACtrack Vio to obtain BAC info... With an average BAC of 0.069 percent, Eagles fans landed in the middle of the top five drunkest NFL fans."

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