BACtrack Founder Appears in profiled BACtrack products alongside Founder and President Keith Nothacker in an article today.

"Not so very long ago, the urge to go was the first clue that we'd had too much to drink at a bar, party or concert," the piece begins. "But today there's a safer, scientific and even fun way to monitor inebriation, thanks to personal-breathalyzer pioneer Keith Nothacker, the Berwyn (then Devon) native and Penn grad behind the industry-leading BACtrack brand."

The piece goes on to profile some of our best products, and also urges caution for tonight's activities. 

"Nothacker's Bluetooth connected BACtrack Vio and BACtrack Mobile models... feed enhanced information and guidance to a smartphone (Android, iOS) and, soon, the Apple Watch...There's no excuse not to carry a good tester when you're barhopping, say, on St. Patrick's Day today."

The piece continues with some great advice for any time of the year, this time from Nothacker himself.

"Would you drive a car that doesn't have a speedometer?" he says. "That's the level of disadvantage we all used to have, that first got me thinking and working on this product as a student at Penn [circa 2001]. Today, our sales aren't seasonal, they're year-round. Truthfully, there isn't a day when you shouldn't be drinking and acting responsibly."

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