Android Guys Give BACtrack Vio Four Stars

"It's Friday night, and time to hit the town with friends. If you’re going to be drinking, you might want to consider adding the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer to your keychain... When paired with your smartphone, the Vio is a powerful tool that is easy to carry anywhere." 

So begins the new BACtrack Vio review on Android Guys. The review accentuates the ease of use of the Vio, the high degree of portability, and the utility of having a device that can quickly estimate your BAC on your keychain at all times. 

"After blowing into the Vio, you get a reading that is big, bright and full of information. A clever feature that the BACtrack app offers is something called ZeroLine. ZeroLine estimates, then tells you what time you should be sober. I wouldn’t rely on ZeroLine to tell you if you’re able to drive, but it’s useful information none the less."

Wise words. Android Guys sum things up with this great advice: "Just remember that if you are impaired in any way, leave the driving to someone sober."

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