Woman Arrested for Drunk Ordering a Pizza Online While Driving


October 03, 2014

Which is worse: drunk driving, distracted driving, or distracted drunk driving?

In the eyes of the law, all three are judged the same--with a swift slap of justice and a cold, harsh, expensive sentence. Earlier this week, one Louisville, KY woman found this to be all too real when she was arrested for driving drunk while trying to order a pizza on her smartphone. Louisville police said they pulled the 27-year-old over for erratic driving, and found she had consumed a beer, half a bottle of wine, and was surfing the Domino's website on her smartphone.

Now, there are many lessons to be learned here.

First, don't drink and drive. Use a BACtrack Breathalyzer to know your alcohol level and never go near a vehicle if you have been drinking.

Second, smartphones should never be operated while driving. Texting, emailing, or trying to navigate a non-mobile optimized website while driving all fall into the category of "bad ideas" -- even sober-- and can be just as bad, if not worse, than drunk driving. 

Third, DOMINO'S??? Come on. There's got to be better options in Louisville. Hit up Urban Spoon and get your late night grub on safely.


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  • Wow. Just wow. I mean, Domino’s? Really?

    But in all seriousness, it’s nice to see a company truly trying to promote responsible drinking. It’s an issue that often gets pushed aside or mentioned as an afterthought in a beer commercial. Cheers! (pun intended)

    Patrick Shaughnessy on

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