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Android Police Review BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer

Android Police took a close look at how BACtrack Vio interacts with Android smartphones recently. Having reviewed the BACtrack Mobile thoroughly earlier this year, we were very curious to see what they thought of the Vio. In short, they were not disappointed--and neither were we. 

"BACtrack recently released a smaller version of the BACtrack Mobile, which it calls the Vio. It's more portable and much more affordable ($50), and we took it for a spin to see how it compares to its bigger brother... In short, it's not quite as accurate, but it's less than half the price and just as much fun."

Android Police go on to give a fair and interesting series of comments on how Mobile compares with Vio. 

"The first thing to understand about the Vio (and how it compares to the Mobile) is the technology it uses to measure one's BAC. It uses something called MicroCheck Sensor Technology, while police-grade devices like the Mobile use a Fuel Cell sensor."

Instead of then explaining the differences, the author shows readers the difference in performance in the devices by consuming a few shots and comparing readings.

"The Mobile is generally consistent and provides what I feel is a very accurate reading with each test. The Vio isn't far off, but results are a little more sporadic than the Mobile – one test may be high, and the next may be low (with drinks in between). Overall, it does a good enough job to mostly quantify how intoxicated one may be, but if you're looking for the most accurate results possible, the Mobile is the way to go."

A fair and accurate analysis, indeed. Great work, and a very interesting article for anyone considering the two breathalyzers.

Read the original piece here.