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Android Headlines Features BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer

Android Headlines picked up on the release of the BACtrack Vio recently, and gave it a full feature review.

"BACtrack, the leader in personal and professional grade breathalyzers has just introduced a new model that works with your smartphone – the BACtrack Vio," the review begins.

"It combines a small, keychain design with Bluetooth connectivity and their own MicroCheck Sensor technology – making it both affordable and convenient for users to check their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).  BACtrack is also releasing an update to its free companion app."

"What is so nice is the compact, keychain design that makes it so easy to carry with you at all times.  Vio is designed with a flip-up mouthpiece for collecting your sample breath – keeping out other airborne gases to give you the most accurate reading possible.  The proprietary MicroCheck Sensor technology uses a semiconductor sensor that is superior to other sensors."

It's great to see that the Android community is embracing the Vio. We're very happy to see that!

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