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Crave Online Features BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer

Crave Online wrote a review of their experience with the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer recently. 

"Planning on do some drinking this weekend? Of course you are. The real question is: Are you going to do enough drinking that you better not get behind the wheel? If you don’t know the answer to that, BACtrack Vio can keep you from doing something supremely stupid.

"Discrete, small and hanging from a keychain, the BACtrack pairs with an app on your smartphone, essentially turning your phone into an instant pocket Breathalyzer you’ll always have on you. If you think you may be over the limit, blow into the flip-out tube on the Vio before you put your key in the ignition. In seconds, an accurate estimation of your Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) is displayed on your phone’s screen, along with a handy bit of advice, such as “You are experiencing slight alcohol intoxication.” 

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