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Chip Chick: BACtrack Vio is a Keychain-Sized Bluetooth Breathalyzer and it Works!

"The people’s breathalyzer is back and smaller than ever," Chip Chick announced last week in her review of the newest, coolest, sleekest and funkiest smartphone breathalyzer ever created: BACtrack Vio. The review starts off with some comparisons to BACtrack Mobile, naturally--and she finds Vio an upstanding and worthy rival. 

"The Vio is smaller and cheaper, but does the job every bit as well," she said. "There’s a flip-up mouthpiece that you will blow vodka-infused air into, which in turn is analyzed by MicroCheck Sensor technology to give you an accurate readout of your BAC on your smartphone, using a Bluetooth connection. Same deal as the original BACtrack breathalyzer, just smaller and, handily, less expensive. More booze money!"

Chip Chick then makes note of some of the new app features, such as the Guess your BAC game that precludes the testing process. She also comments that the good features from the old app were retained--such as ZeroLine®.

Great review! Thanks, Chip Chick. 

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